Have anyone tried and/or ?

I think it sounds great to support small video creators on a platform independent of YouTube/Google and other surveillance capitalists, where they don't have to fear being demonetized.

But is there anything there worth the prize, and how's the experience? Any thoughts?

Thinking about it because of this code from the YouTuber Our Changing Climate:

Here's Nebula:

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@forteller I've bought subscription and I'm following Adam neely there, but what I hate about it there's no comment section, no tools for community, or possibility of feedback. I'm liking Patreon better in that sense. What seems their plus is that supposedly it's 'artists-owned'.

@luka Thanks for the info! I'm guessing they feel burned by the comments on YouTube, but I think the comments on a paid platform would be very different from a free one.

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