sells and games, and 10% of sales goes to charity.

They have a winter sale now with some great discounts, so here's a thread of Linux friendly games I've played and loved (and maybe some I'd love to play).

Some games are on sale for less than 24 hours, while others are on sale for 5 more days. So hurry up!

Bonus: Trough my link 25% goes to charity! That's like almost half or something…

If you like games and charity, please boost. Kthxby

First out: If you like puzzle games and philosophy you just have to play The Talos Principle! 90% off, that's crazy! Go do it! humblebundle.com/store/the-tal

PS: It's also available in a VR version: humblebundle.com/store/the-tal

Stealth Bastard Deluxe is a fun puzzle game with lots of small puzzles you can play for 30 minutes or so at a time. If you're able to stop yourself from going to the next room. Test both your brain and reaction time. humblebundle.com/store/stealth

(Sorry had to delete and post again because the sequel is not Linux friendly, so removed that link)

Not a Hero is a fast paced and super fun pixelart game about a politician ruling a town trough his gritty henchmen with guns. Lots of guns. I love it! humblebundle.com/store/not-a-h


The Long Dark is one of those games I haven't tried yet but would love to. I've heard lots of great things about it. humblebundle.com/store/the-lon

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Cosmic Express is a little, but kinda complicated, puzzle game about trains! IN SPACE! What's not to love!? humblebundle.com/store/cosmic-

Framed 1 and 2 are games with a very interesting game mechanic: You get out of difficult situations by manipulating the boxes of a comic strip. Both games are available in this collection: humblebundle.com/store/framed-

For the king also has some interesting mechanics. You controll three characters (or one each online) and play a limited game with one objective on a tiled generated board. humblebundle.com/store/for-the

I could easily go on, but there doesn't seem to be much interest, so I should prioritize some other stuff. Let me know if you bought some and what any more recommendations :)

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