Have you heard of the Royal game of Ur?

It's a 4000 year old game found in a royal gravesite in the ancient city of Ur. What's truly amazing about it is that we've also found a clay tablet with the rules for it! The oldest rule book in the world!

I had not heard of it, until I found this beautiful Free and open source online digital version of it! It looks great, and it's fun too! And you can play two player locally

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Jesus! I just played a game against a human online, and I was winning so much I felt bad for the other player. Until the very end when I made a couple of mistakes and we ended up in exactly this same position! And then they won! smh! Great game!

Guys! Now you can play the royal game of Ur online with a friend! Just create a URL and send to the one you want to play against! Yay!

@forteller Ooh I didn't know someone had made a good online version! Will definitely go and have a play :)

@forteller I was going to recommend Irving Finkel’s videos about it, but I see they have a link on the web page. Do have a look if you haven’t already - they’re great.

@forteller Yeah :blobcathappy:​

Have you seen the video with Tom Scott, and the professor at the British Museum that found the game?

@katnjiapus I had to speed it up, hehe, but since it's linked from the game site I did actually watch all of it :)

@forteller I have a physical version made by my Grandad, and it's great. It's so simple to pick up, and you can use less pieces to make the game shorter. Usually gets whipped out at Xmas

@MxCraven Wow, that's awesome! I'd love to have a physical version myself. You don't happen to have a picture? :)


The quick and dirty physical version is to use coins as play pieces, dice as the rolling things (evens vs odds instead of white dots), and draw a board on paper.

The triangle bits are not perfect, but likely neither were the clay ones the original game was played on, and from bored testing while talking to grandparents on Christmas me and my sister found that they're all roughly 50/50.

@forteller Pretty nice, though it does lag a bit on my older laptop.

@forteller I read something about this in a newspaper article a few weeks ago. The newspaper article was much longer than your toot, but left me with so many questions. Your toot is clear and now I finally understand what the newspaper was talking about. Thank you.

@forteller I wasn't expecting this to be easy to understand or fun, but it's somehow both. I read the instructions and thought "wait, that's it?" The number of dots on the pieces and spaces seem like they're going to be meaningful, but once I realized that everything but the flowers is just decorative I got way into it. Sat here for an hour until I bested the computer on each difficulty. Way closer to modern ideas about fun game design than I expected for something that's 4000 years old

@forteller @zens Amazing! Definitely feels like an ancestor of backgammon and some of the same strategies apply.

Looks a bit like Ludo / Parcheesi for two players. Nice.


Thank you so much for this!

I just played a VERY close game against, who soundly kicked my tail at the last second. We're officially addicted, and are likely to try and build a physical board.


I played against a local oppoment who is known for trashing me in boardgames with a combination of raw skill, luck and deviousness.

Was still a close and exciting game.

@forteller I absolutely expected this to be an elaborate shitpost ending in "ur mama" but I'll go check it out instead!

@Ayior Hahaha! That would've been great! I'm afraid I'm not that clever, unfortunately :P Closest thing I've gotten is this innocent little thing :D

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