Hva heter "å tegne seg"/"jeg tegner meg" o.l. på engelsk?

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@namtari Surely that can't be right? If you're in a meeting and you want to say something, do you draw yourself? O.o

@forteller should have supplied the context then. I assume then you mean as in "sign up" (pic from danish dictionary)

@forteller @namtari "To queue oneself"?

Hard to translate. In English (assuming this is for debating) you'd just say "request to speak"

@katnjiapus @namtari Thanks, interesting. So what I want to do is to search to see if there's already an issue for – or if not, create an issue for – this idea over on the Jitsi Meet Github:

An option to automatically add those who use the "raise hand" function to a list ("en liste over de som har tegnet seg" I would say in Norwegian), so that the moderator, and everyone, can see who's next in line, and noone will be missed of miss their place in the queue, b/c the mod didn't pay attention.

@forteller @katnjiapus then "request to speak" is the clearest and least pretentious way of conveying that imo, so I agree with kat on this one

@namtari @katnjiapus Alright, great, thanks! Thanks for the help! Also, sorry for not being clear in the first toot, I just thought only norwegians would see, and that they would understand my meaning. But then again, not so many people use those sentences, so that might not've been so smart of me :)

@forteller @katnjiapus norwegian isn't exactly the ithkuil of languages either so 😂

@namtari @katnjiapus I've never heard of that before, so now I've learned something new. Also learned about FrathWiki :D

Anyways, I didn't find a feature request about this, so I created one. Have a look

@forteller Nytt for meg òg. Eg såg for meg eit sjølvportrett, eller aksjehandel. 😁

Elles er eg vand å bruke å melde eller å gje signal.

@forteller Litt meir kontekst hjelper. Det første eg tenkte på var "commit", men det luktar veldig spesifikt omgrep av dette.

@forteller Tror det bare er "raise hand". "I raise my hand" osv.
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