Could anyone explain to me how I use NextBackup to take a backup of my ? I've installed it, but can't find anywhere how to actually use it.

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@forteller I think you use the console to activate it.

occ app:enable nextbackup

Then, it's just a matter of when you have to restore, which involves logging into as an admin and then going through the options to restore.

@dmoonfire I don't know if I have console access, I'm just renting space at OwnCube. Anyway, as you can see in the link there's supposed to be a GUI somewhere

@forteller (Sorry, took me a minute to install.)

It looks like the restore is under "Additional Settings", but not to enable it.

I need to let it run to see if it automatically starts running with the cron job (which I have set up but I don't know if OwnCube does).

@dmoonfire Wow, thank you so much for the help!

It says "Don't forget to setup a cronjob to get periodic backups." in my Additional settings. Really wish it would check if that was set up or not and tell me.

There's no backup to select yet, I guess I'll jsut have to wait a few hours and see if anything shows up in the drop down list. If not I don't know what to do. I need to update to NC 19, but OwnCube takes a lot of money to do it for me, and doing it without a backup seems too risky

@forteller Apparently, my updates had a bug and I was seriously behind. So, you asking questions got me to bring mine installation up to date.

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