My favorite podcatcher just released version 2.0.

now has a lot of smoother animations and improvements, but most importantly it now let's you set an automatic skip time at the start and end of all episodes of specific podcasts, just like you can set a speed for each individual podcast.

Also: New logo.

And the awesome thing with Free/open source software is how easy it is to contribute. I did, with a bit of thoughts, on this new feature

@forteller Some of these features are super useful for learning a language, I reckon. Will try it out for some podcasts in and see if the slower playback helps!

I love this podcast app!

I had a similar experience when the smart shuffle was introduced, really gave me the warm and fuzzies for open-source software. 😃

Just curious, how are you installing version 2.0? In F-Droid it's still on 1.8.3...

@kingannoy Yeah, I use F-droid to look for good FOSS apps, but it's quite slow in updating, and doesn't have much resources, so both for my own and their sake I try to install apps from Aurora (Google Play Store, but without logging in) instead. So that's why I have the update.

@CryptGoat @kingannoy Yeah, I don't know what to say. It was available trough Aurora for me. I guess Google rolls out the release over time. Why it's not on GitHub yet is beyond me :)

The podcatcher I was writing got stuck in development hell with bugs I couldn't track down, both in my homemade XML parser and in my database storage routines... If you're interested, it's at . Sadly, no-one else has implemented a similar idea, so I can't piggyback on their version...

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