Question about editing , possibly using :

Here in Norway four large restaurant chains has added vegetarian and vegan options to their menus in more or less recent months.

I want this reflected in OSM, so they can be found trough the fantastic .

But finding them all manually in the ID editor is lots of work. Is there a way to select and add Vegetarian diet to all of them in the whole country at once?

I've never really used JOSM, but I'm thinking that's the tool?

@forteller i don't know, but if you ask on there will probably be good answers

@forteller You _could_ use JOSM for this (along with Overpass to find the restaurants from this chain).

*But* this is called a “Mechanical Edit”, and they are are some guidelines that are _strongly recommended_ to follow.

It can be surprisingly difficult to do that without making mistakes, so they are discouraged/frowned upon. So I would urge caution

This is a good talk from @woodpeck about the issues with Mechanical Edits (and tips on how to do them properly)

@forteller MapRoulette is a software too to help make this sort of edits easier, but it's still a sort of mechanical edit

@forteller Do you know about StreetComplete? An Android App for quick & targetted #OpenStreetMap editing, which includes a way to easily add whether a restaurant has vegetarian and/or vegan meal options. Not exactly the same thing, but if you're interested in that field


This is actually quite simple. Query for all the restaurants in #Overpass, and modify them in Level 0 in one go.

"Mechanical edits" are frowned upon, but not disallowed -- just be careful, and make sure you know what you're doing.

If you're in touch with your local mapping community, it makes sense to let know now what you're planning, or ask if they have concerns about your plan.

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