If you need to recieve some files from someone, and they need to be encrypted, but the sender have no technical skills whatsoever. How would you go about getting that done as easily and securely as possible?

@forteller OnoinShare. Just pass the --receive option and send the onion link to the other party. All they need is Tor browser, and they can send the files to you as a normal file upload on the web. Easy enough that even Laila Bertheussen can do it :)
Would OnionShare be an option @forteller ? They use the tool to offer a zip file download as hidden service and send the .onion link to you. After the download they stop the tool and thus close the hidden service.
@forteller Possibly not the good response (the size of the file wasn't mentioned) but most encrypted chat networks, namely #matrix uses encrypted channels between parties and enabel file sending. Requires no more than a web browser as "technical skill".

@forteller Depending on the file size, you could both sign up for an @protonmail account.. ? That might work… 🤔

@imattau @forteller Great idea! ProtonMail does support sending attachments of up to 25MB per email. We're also preparing for a wider roll out of ProtonDrive, which will continue with our Visionary, Professional and Plus users, and finally become available to Free users. We'll be happy to hear your feedback!

@forteller @imattau @protonmail can't wait for drive (happy Plus user). Will there be a limit?

@333 We're happy to hear that! Product storage is something we're currently working on, so unfortunately we can't confirm more details at the moment. Stay tuned to our Mastodon for updates.

@forteller When you're on the same local network #SnapDrop is very easy to use: You both visit the page, click to share, and confirm to receive. No need to share a link to receive the file. No upload to the server (it's a direct browser-to-browser transfer).

@forteller I don't know how great it is, but in theory a file attachment on a WhatsApp message is end to end encrypted.

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