Any pros on here who can tell me if there's a tag for the following?

1) publicly available trees and plants with edible fruit/berries, meant for public consumption.

2) Stores that sell food cheaper near the end of the day to avoid food waste.


@forteller the map for fruit already exists, but the dataset is separate and works with both OSM and Google (I'm not sure of the exact tech details of how it operates, but I think all the data is open and you can download it separately)

@vfrmedia @forteller it still seems like there is merit in starting to record this directly in OSM itself.

@thinkMoult @vfrmedia Falling fruit looks amazing! But yeah, I don't see why it's not marked directly in OSM. Would probably make it easier for more people to find and use the data. Thankfully FF uses a CC license and lets you download the data, so I guess it should be possible to import it, so we don't have to do all the work one more time inside OSM that they've done outside. Unfortunately I'm not technical enough to do such things myself.

@forteller I've definitely come across free fruit maps activists have done using Goggle Maps, so I hope at least some of them have also ported their maps to work with OSM data. This is only tangentially related, but the #Murmurations protocol is intended to help groups share data about public interest projects:

There is also Fruit Radar on F-droid, which seems to collate stuff from a couple different places..

@forteller landuse=orchard with access=yes could be one way to tag 1), but I'm not aware of any consensus on it.

@fennecbyte Thanks! But no, I don't think that's right. That's more like a farmed area, where someone are paid to work the land and gather the produce. I'm talking about just one or a few trees here, some bushes there, just in a park or along a street, for anyone to enjoy :) I don't think I can mark one tree as an orchard :D

@forteller Ah, I thought it was a slightly bigger area with more trees/plants that are publicly available.
For individual trees, I guess natural=tree, edible=yes, access=yes?

@fennecbyte Well, yes, sometimes it's bigger. I just used the extreme for effect :) Those tags you mention sounds good, but then again you have to mark each individual tree, I guess? Sometimes it's only one, but close to me there's a lot of areas with 3-4 trees and 2 edible bushes, and one area with something like 5x5 bushes. And I found quite a few trees and bushes other places. So I guess I'm looking for a way to mark small areas where there are a few plants, and 1 where there's 1

@fennecbyte I guess I could use the orchard tag on the areas and the edible tree tag/key on the singular trees, but the orchard wiki you linked me to says "The production is gathered."

@forteller True, it seems to mainly be intended for orchards that get gathered commercially. Maybe marking it as a public-access orchard might not be the best way to express this.

@forteller Then again, the short description is "intentional planting of trees or shrubs maintained for food production" and I can't think of any other tag to describe an area with those properties.

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