Did you know that the EU has created their own license for Free software and free data? It's even compatible with AGPL, so it's a license for a world with servers/SaaS.

Maybe I've been living under a rock, but this was news to me.

The EU has also created a tool to compare 51 different licenses!

@forteller I've actually used it for all my projects on, simply because I liked the fact it had an explicit list of compatible licenses. I felt that would make it easier to use my stuff for non-lawyers if anybody found use of my code.

@Steinar Cool :)

I just found out about it because Entur used it for their project Tavla

@forteller I just read it in full (the official Dutch translation).

A few comments:
+ Official translations. This helps for local usage.
+ EU law and court applies.
+ Compatible with other licenses, so no fragmentation.
- No explicit license to share edited works (it does license sharing and editing, but not both together).
- No formal summary (such as the license notice of gpl).

Overall, seems a very nice license.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. Just a random person that actually reads licenses.

@BartG95 Thank you for that. Very helpful. Appreciate it :)

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