Wow. This is huge news, and a milestone, for !

"Lenovo has announced that all of its ThinkStation desktop PCs and ThinkPad P series laptop will be available to buy with Ubuntu preloaded starting this summer."

It's not just the easier availability of hardware known to work "out of the box", it's also what this signifies. Lenovo would not do this if they did not see it as a good market opportunity.

@forteller Great news just when i need to buy a new computer! (Not sure if shipping won't be too expensive though to where I live).

@forteller Wow! Just saw the price rage... Maybe not! 😂

@forteller Good news. We have over 200 Lenovo laptops (X1 & T series) running Ubuntu .. it is hard work to get them without the WIndows licence, hopefully this is a step towards making more options available!

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