The whole point of the Humble Indie Bundles was that all the games where DRM free and cross platform. No exception. Some devs actually released their games for Linux just to be included!

This was not the case for all Humble Bundles, but it was for all HIBs! It was their unique selling point.

Now Humble marks 10 yrs of HIBs by releasing one where 2/7 (29%) are only on Steam + 1 is not on Linux!

They're destroying the HIB brand, and I find it quite sad.

@forteller They also used to only have one, maybe two, bundles at a time but now they are averaging 7-11.

@dmoonfire Sure. But is that a problem? They've branched out to books, software, etc, so no wonder they have more bundles than before.

@forteller Eh, I feel they lost a lot when they started hammering more bundles at people. It seemed to be more of a special thing when it was one a month than a ton at a time.

But, probably good for a number of people.

I know that I got overwhelmed by it and stopped buying most bundles because of the frequency.

@dmoonfire or how some games repeatedly show up in the bundles... how often have we seen Dustforce, Ticket to Ride or Carcassonne for example?

@forteller Gog also spam "DRM FREE" on everything but a lot of games require their own DRM system, Gog Galaxy, to run. Versions of Stardew Valley after 1.4 require it or steam for multiplayer, for example.
Mendacious bullshit. Liberty-washing.

@forteller At least the non-linux game is rated platinium on protondb.

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