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Everyone's talking about "social distancing", but that is all wrong! All we need is physical distance.

Unfortunately that also means social distance for many, and some find that harder than others.

Now we need to take care of each other, so the deadly pandemic of loneliness won't win ground!

My challenge: Look through your phonebook and contact someone you haven't talked with in a while!

Just call/sms and say you just wanted to talk. :)


And yes, I do mean your actual phonebook on your actual phone, and good, old-timey calling/smsing. It's been a long time, you don't know if the person you want to reach still uses the chat service you used last time, and if they don't you won't be notified.

I would love it if you would boost the toot above and spread the word about the challenge. We all need a little bit more social closeness these days. :)

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