I've just set up a @nextcloud instance (well, bought one at a provider) for a team I'm working in.

I really, really want them to like it, and not just be annoyed and want to go back to Google Drive.

The fact that I just can't figure out how to set up a group chat in Talk frustrates me, and makes me nervous.

This should be a no-brainer for anyone. But no.

(This is NC 17, because the provider I'm using hasn't updated to 18 yet, which is also a bit frustrating)

@nextcloud …or maybe I'm just an idiot? I kinda figured it out now. But since I got frustrated and spent a lot of time figuring it out, I'm pretty sure it's not easy enough. And why can't I add users to a chat I've already started with just one person, either making it into a group chat, or starting a new group chat?

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@nextcloud And how do I create new stacks in the kanban boards in Deck? I've made one before, but now I just can't understand how to make any more. This is really frustrating.

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@nextcloud Ok, forget that last one. I had created the boards with my admin account, and not given enough permissions to the other accounts. That's why I couldn't make more stacks. Not sure it's a good idea to not give that permission as default, though.

But: In Forms, which I really hoped would work, so we wouldn't have to use an external thing which we wouldn't have to if we used Google, I can't add any answers to any questions, so it's useless. Ugh.

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