Ok, nerds. Hear me out!

Two words:



I don't know if ActivityPub, XMPP etc could handle it or if new protocols must be invented, but just think about it:

Some sort of independent consortium could get together and decide on some rules for a game.

For example:

"there are some enemies (ID E0001) who has this ammount of HP and deals this ammount of damage from this distance"


"there are some weapons (ID W738201) that deals this amount of damage over this distance and can sustain this amount of wear and tear"

Just as an example

Then they would have to agree on a was to generate maps (or multiple ways for different types of gameplay) etc, etc. Of course.

What they wouldn't need to agree on is anything about the game that casual gamers would notice right away, like

- What is the backstory?
- What kind of world is this?
- How does anything look?
- What are the names of the places, enemies, weapons?

Anyone could build a client on top of the protocol for any kind of game they want. And they could charge for it or not.

Want to play a game of Good vs Evil on a distant planet, with high tech weapons and realistic graphics?

Sure, pick this client!

Want to play a game of orcs vs elves in a forested fantasy world with magic and early GTA style graphics?

Sure, use this client!

You all still play together! You just see different things.

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