Is it possible to make a law against deepfakes without having it used as a weapon against those posting real videos that the government doesn't like?

Is there any better way of fighting deepfakes? They are truly a threat against everything we have and care about in society.


Maybe accept that images are fiction? That the age of photoreality has passed? There is no longer any difference between a painting or drawing and a photo. A film is no better representation of reality than a cartoon.

@enannenen I don't think people will accept that things they see with their own eyes are not real for a really long time. So that option would require a massive educational effort against the population, it seems to me. And I really don't like that idea.

1. Governmental propaganda to change peoples minds is iffy (and the tools you'd have to build could be used for other propaganda too)

2. Video evidence is still an extremely important tool for good worth fighting to preserve

@forteller @enannenen I think the only option is tirelessly prosecute based on existing laws against slander and misinformation, while at the same time basically dismantling satire (not clearly marked as such) as a valid defense. Although, that wouldn't work either, viral videos would quickly be stripped of any content or context marking them as satire. To make matters worse, this is yet another cross-border problem. So... I have no idea and why am I posting this?


If I choose to follow your line of thinking: fighting deepfakes in court or in media would demand ways of checking their authenticity. To be optimistic on your behalf: That may be a solvable technical problem.


To keep with my line of thought a little longer: people have lived with the idea that images are creative work for tens of thousands of years. Photos as automatic copies of the real world are less than 200 years old.

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