Hey, is there an community here that I can ask questions to help me do a better job?

If I add a construction site area on top of a road, will the road automatically be marked as unusable, so that navigation applications routes around it, or do I have to do something else in addition?

You should mark the road as `highway=construction` if that's what it is. Otherwise, it's a road going through a construction site, and you can take it. Unless some routers are very intelligent, but that's probably not the case for all of them.

@roptat I see. Thanks! Too bad, I feel like OSM should let the routers know, or that they should understand this. Or is it normal to be able to use a road trough a construction site? Maybe it's possible some times, so they shouldn't assume

Anyway, only part of this road goes trough a construction site, so I'll have to cut it. Not sure how I do that, but I'll figure it out :)

@roptat @forteller `highway=construction` should be used when the road itself isn't finished and is under construction

@forteller in theory it's up to individual data consumer (ie routing software) to decide what to do. Sometimes it might make sense to route though a construction area. I don't actually know what the big names do, which is the de facto rules

I have a feeling that not much software does geographic analysis to see for landuse=construction, instead looking at the tags on the highway itself.

@forteller @openstreetmap OpenStreetMap itself is agnostic to what routing algorithms do. I would be willing to bet that none of them refuse to route through construction sites. I agree with @rory You should mark the road as `highway=construction`. That's how I did it at

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