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@pixelfed @tercean @Whaxion

I'm just getting this error message when trying to register on pixelfed.de. Git the same error when trying to re-register on pixfed.com.

Re-register? Yes, I already have an account there, but I just get an error message when trying to log in. I have no idea if they've deleted it since I haven't used it, or if it's another bug.

@forteller @pixelfed @tercean @Whaxion The email provider you use is probably blacklisted, can you try a different email address?


@dansup @pixelfed @tercean @Whaxion Well, if that's the case the handling of it is really bad.

1. Is there any good reason to blacklist Spamgourmet? Seems user unfriendly to me.

2. If there is, just tell me the reason why I can't register, don't give me a generic error message making me think the whole system is buggy and impossible to use

3. Even if Spamgourmet should be banned it's pretty shitty to delete my existing account registered with SG, let me at least log in and change my email.

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@forteller @pixelfed @tercean @Whaxion I checked and Spamgourmet is not on the email provider blacklist.

Without debug logs or stack trace its hard to determine what is causing this, have been trying to reproduce this bug.

@dansup @pixelfed @tercean @Whaxion Thank you for checking! Appreciate it. I'll just try again later

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