Have you seen the new authenticator Aegis? Looks quite nice, and it's FOSS and available trough F-Droid. Oh, and the website is quite beautiful, which is too rare in the FOSS universe

@forteller Been using it for about a month now. Works great and the built in backup feature worked flawlessly across multiple devices. Now wishing more platforms supported OTP...

@forteller This might be useful. The backup options sounds great.

@forteller does it support encrypting the backup with PGP, like andOTP? How about support for Yubikey or similar?

Looks great, however I hope that 2FA over smartphone don't become standard as I would have to get myself a smartphone then, which I will not, so I would be locked out.

Would be nice with 2FA systems with pre-generated pin numbers to print out. Are there already such systems in the wild?

@forteller But *why* is the domain "beem", when the app's name is "Aegis"?? I don't get this… 😆

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