I need to remote control my moms Linux PC from time to time, to help her out. What's the best, FOSS option to do this? I need to be able to install it on her PC and never bother her with it again. That is, it's important that she doesn't have to do anything when I want to control her machine.

What should I use? Thanks!

@forteller If you have an internet reachable host, you could use autossh and x11vnc if you need to access the gui


SSH for sysadmin work. Make sure to set it up to use key-based authentication only and forward the port through her firewall. She's likely on a dynamic IP, so every few months she'll have to tell you the new IP address (if she Googles 'what is my IP' that's easiest)

For remote desktop, Gnome Remote Desktop is probably easiest and Wayland compatible. I'm just guessing your Mom isn't running Gentoo with Sway so yeah

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