In a world of servers the only Free software is AGPL software

@forteller Just curious, how is it compared to GPL and others? How is it more free?

@teecee @forteller it protects the freedom of people who interact with software over a network rather than running it by themselves, which no other license does.

@qyliss @teecee @forteller I believe the EUPL makes some moves in this direction also, though less strongly. The AGPL remains one of the best thought-through and tested licenses for freedom preservation. It's a pity about its associations, but until another license gets the same effects and court-legitimacy..


it forces you to release code even if you don't distribute your binaries, but only let others use them remotely.

I.e. if you ran a GPL blog engine, you have to give the code to people you give the program (mostly it's Scripts, so nothing to do - they have the code already)

if your blog is LGPL, you'd have to give the source to any visitor

you are totally correct - lgpl is the less strict one, not the more strict one

no idea how I mixed that up

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