Did you know that you don't have to be a Norwegian citizen to vote in the local election in Norway?

If you are from the neighbouring Scandinavian countries you just have to live here. If you are from another country you have to have lived here for a few months.

The election is in two weeks, but you can vote today and the next week also. Find your closest booth at

And vote Green Party!

@forteller when it comes to workers rights, anti-capitalism and economics, what would you say is the strength of MDG compared to, say, Rødt?

@صفر @forteller Neither MDG nor Rødt is present in my kommune, though so going for the lesser evil is a bit difficult.

@harald oh, wow I hadn't thought about this issue... hope you get some more options for the fylkes at least?

@صفر Yeah, at the fylke level most parties should be represented. :)

@lichen Well, MDG is not anti capitalist, we just want to regulate things to the best for people and planet. I've not seen anyone have a concrete plan for what to replace capitalism with and how to get there. And we don't have time to figure that out, we have 11 years to halve global emissions. We might be able to do it trough regulations and making it easier to live green, we can't do it trough first upend everything and figure out something new everyone has to do all over the world.

@lichen About your other points: Most workers in the world are very poor, living in very poor countries. Countries that are disproportionately badly affected and doesn't have the infrastructure or resources to help their people, people who doesn't have the resources themselves. R does not prioritize climate change policies. They talk about it a bit, but they don't actually spend their political capital there at all. The one thing they talk about the most is profits from private kindergartens

@lichen R wants rich Norwegians, which almost all of us are in a global context, to be able to pollute as much as they want trough cheap meat, no road tolls, etc because there are also some poor Norwegians. Poor Norwegians who are disproportionately negatively affected by bad air quality and health problems and more dependant on good public transport. They attack MDG for wanting emission reducing policies that work, ignoring that we agree on how to lift ppl out of poverty with lower taxes, etc

@lichen So MDG want in Norway: Strong protection for workers rights, lower taxes for the poor, higher for the rich, especially the ultra rich multinational corporations, reversing the governments cuts in welfare, and make it cheaper/to live environmentaly friendly with cuts in prices on repairs, fruits and vegs, and public transport, safer cities to walk and bike, and a tax on gas handed evenly out again to everyone. And we prioritize the global poor, who are so many more, suffering so much more

@forteller thanks a lot for the answer. I like all this very much, but why not an explicit anti-capitalist stance on the top of all the plans then? because otherwise it leaves space to a sort of green capitalism that may seem appealing here but is again a trap. and why the nor-left-nor-right statement on the website? I guess I'm trying to say that I'm all for green policies but perhaps within a more strongly stated eco-socialist framework? idk if this makes even sense in the Norwegian politics..


R wants rich Norwegians (...) to be able to pollute as much as they want trough cheap meat, no road tolls, etc because there are also some poor Norwegians.

I seem to have missed that memo, care to elaborate?

@forteller Oj. Jeg snublet over kommentarer fra en "forteller" på reddit. Kanskje jeg stemmer mdg igjenn, men jeg er skeptisk.

Flere har uttrykt at mdg er upragmatiske og har barnslig naïve forslag. Typ "Skjønner dem ikke at å ikke bygge mega motorvei gir mer kø, ergo shitty miljø?", eller "økte bompenger er jo sosialt urettferdig og skaper økte forskjeller", eller at de vil ha en mer totalitær nanny state, og at "høye bygninger tar mindre areal, sparer matjord, og ser kule ut".

@forteller Jeg er redd for at mdg er ideologiske fanatikere og vil bruke pisk for å realisere skyggelapp-drømmer.

@byllgrim Hei, hvis du faktisk vurderer MDG, men har ting du er usikker på eller ikke liker, så vil jeg gjerne prøve å svare deg! Men jeg er redd jeg ikke forstår hva du tenker på her. Kan du utdype?

@forteller Jeg tror dette kan være en situasjon av typen: Hvis jeg hadde nok kunnskap til å vite hvilke spørsmål å stille, så ville jeg ikke lenger ha noe jeg lurte på.

Litt sloppy phrased, jeg lurer på om mdg er overentusiastiske og har an-prim tendenser. Om de vil være overfokusert på miljø og medføre uante konsekvenser som fucker opp.

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