So on the front page of @write_as it says the cost is $12/year, but going to their list of plans I only see Free and $60/year. What's up with that?

@forteller..... so it does... Can only be they forgot to update the prices on the homepage. Surly that's the only explanation.

@forteller Sorry, we just closed that smaller plan for new subscribers ( and must've missed that spot. Will fix!

@write_as I see. Too bad, but I applaude every effort to create a economically sustainable business based on FOSS and federation! More power to you, and I wish you all the best!

PS: Do you have to be named Matt to start a FOSS blog platform? :P

@write_as All that said, I do feel 60 USD is steep. You can't find some wa of having one more plan in addition, with a lower rate?

@forteller @write_as
Could maybe use this if you could find some people to split the cost with.

@forteller Thanks for the input. We tried the cheaper one for three years, and it just isn't sustainable -- less than 2% of our users pay anything at all.

But many writers who pay are generally happy with $6 per month (it's only a bit more than running a VPS yourself), and we offer various discounts for students, etc.

Either way, as we mention in that post, we also want to encourage more people to start their own WriteFreely instance / join another one, and us being a paid service helps there.

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