I'm looking for a new Linux distro. Been using Ubuntu for a long time, and I love the GNOME environment so much. But it's a bit too taxing on my system.

The thing I love the most is the Activities overview, where you see all open windows and can start typing to open a new application.

So, are there any other DEs that have this feature and also look good? Or any lighter distros with GNOME and deb?

I'm happy people want to.spend their time helping me, but it seems I was unclear about what kind of information I want.

First and formost I want to know not what DEs exists or which DEs are lightweight in general, but if any other DEs have something similar to the Activities view, where you see all open windows and can open new ones by typing.

Just in case that doesn't work out I want to know if other distros with GNOME and deb are more lightweight.

Thank you again, I really appreciate help!

@forteller Resource usage won't _really_ be dictated by the distro - GNOME needs the resources it needs, so anything that runs GNOME will use about the same [*]

I'd recommend trying different DEs - I like KDE Plasma, though it uses a different concept.

[*] (background services excepted, but those are a rounding error. And settings, but you can also change those elsewhere. And the version, but I don't think there's been huge performance improvements in GNOME recently?)


@forteller Whoops, somehow a dutch word snuck into this post.


Lubuntu would be an obvious one., but IDK how it is wih the activities front

I also know that in the repo you can get some super lightweight desktop environments that you can switch to while logging in

There is also
- Peppermint
- Xubuntu
- Ubuntu mate

@forteller Check out Debian if you like Ubuntu and want a little more performance. Don't believe the FUD about it being out of date--just run the **testing** distro.

@forteller Turning off all animations in GNOME might be your best solution, it makes everything feel much snappier.

@forteller yeah, maybe look for something with lxde or xfce desktop environment.

If you want to get out of your comfort zone then BunsenLabs is worth a look. What I always used on underpowered machines.

@rpcutts @forteller MATE and Xfce offer thumbnails of your different desktops when switching. As for Activities, you can go with Cinnamon, but that's no lighter than Gnome.

Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce all look excellent. Well, default Xfce looks like ass, but it _can_ look good.

Synapse (in MATE by default) is simple to launch and can open applications rapidly by typing its name.

I would recommend MATE or Xfce spins of Mint. Mint runs shockingly well on old hardware.
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