My new hobby: Adding public drinking fountains (and toilets, but it's mostly fountains that are missing so far) to . This is so important for people to find, but still so few are marked in . At least here in Norway. It's a shame, really. And the hotter the climate gets, the more important it will become. @openstreetmap

@forteller @openstreetmap I wanted to add some pictures to OSM of places such as the museums erc, but the software they used made me not do it in the end.

@forteller @openstreetmap it’s a shame there are no OSM apps that show fountains from the dataset. It would be rather simple to pull off.

@nigel @openstreetmap Yes. According to the wiki there seems to have been one previously, but it's gone now.

@nigel @forteller @openstreetmap

#OsmAnd can do this, among many other things. although they won't be shown by default. Same goes for another app I use that consumes #OpenStreetMap data, #MagicEarth.

You can search for specific features, and searching for drinking water or toilets on the map gets me these:

@nigel @forteller @openstreetmap
Back from Paris during a severe heat wave, I would like to thank:
- La Ville de Paris for maintaining a network of public fountains with drinking water
- all the #OpenStreetMap contributors who added them to OSM
- #OSMand developer(s?) for the quick way to display and access them when they were REALLY needed.
Probably saved me from heatstroke once or twice.

@forteller that makes two of us! Parents with young children need to know where those two things are. @openstreetmap

Same thing I do with playgrounds! Great for people with kids to look up where the nearest playground is.

@forteller @openstreetmap
In Germany this is easy to do as we don't really have any...
(Or very very rarely)

@forteller @openstreetmap one of the most important POIs when doing a day long bike surveying in the hot summer... anywhere. #OSM

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