So now you have to keep paying to be able to keep using the ink that you have in your own ink cartridges in your own printer!

Tell your friends and family to never buy an HP printer again, or get stuck with this shit

@forteller ummm I actually use instant print service and personally I feel it is quite awesome... In what was otherwise atleast a 70 quids per annum affair has now become literally half price and the article I think has it wrong on that if you reach your limit it will stop printing because they also publish the amount they will charge if you exhaust your limit which is quite reasonable at 10p per page and i also get to rollover 50% of the unused prints from one month to another... I think one should really look into it as a viable replacement because it does save money in long run.

@forteller The ghost-spirit of Carly has drenched the place in essence of pure evil.
Her stench will never end.

In my college days HP was known for magically wonderful microwave link analyzers, spectrum analyzers, tank-like reliable laser printers...

Now it's a place where cheap bits of plastic go to die.

"Unbeknownst to most, Carly Fiorina recently initiated a soft launch run for a 2020 vice president slot" She could easily finish off the USA.

@gemlog @forteller

I stopped buying or recommending HP printers in the mid 2000s, due to the declining build quality.

Their computers (at least the refurb business grade units) are just about OK (IME more reliable than Dell) but they are all Foxconn inside anyway.

I also fear vital engineering and maintenance skills are being lost worldwide and if not regained will bite future generations in the arse when they have to build things using materials/resources reclaimed from landfills/scrap..

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