My fav keyboard shortcuts on (Gnome?):

Shift + Print Screen = Select an area to screenshot

Alt + Print Screen = Screenshot this specific window

No, wait! I forgot, my most fav shortcuts are:

AltGr + . = …

AltGr + - = –

I use these all the time! In Windows you have to memorize a four digit code (Alt + XXXX) to get these, and it only works on keyboards with a numpad. That is totally crazy to me! Especially the – is normal to use all the time!

@forteller The new AZERTY french keyboard layout has these characters : …–
And also these : ¿≤≥¡≃≠√÷∞†‡×¼½°«»æœ%‰

And it's pretty easy to have åÅ or øØ to write bokmål

I implemented the layout if you want to try it

There's also AltGr + Shift + 0 = °, as in °C etc. You'll find lots of useful ones if you AltGr yourself across the keyboard :)

The screenshot keyas are not the exact same in KDE, but easily customizable to whatever you want them to be. As with pretty much everything else.
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