How come the only Thunderbird available in Ubuntu 19.04 is from the Snap store and is an older version where Lightning, and thus the Exchange calendar system that almost all workplaces use, does not work?

And how come the Thunderbird website does not have a .deb or any other package for installation, just a tarball you have to extract, and thus can not integrate into you system without beeing much more of a geek than I am?

At least Lightning works in the newest version available on, so that's a huge relief!

@forteller That's is weird indeed. Havn't used Thunderbird in a while though, I still using Evolution.

I run official tar.gz of Firefox, Thunderbird from ~/apps/ . This way the auto update works flawlessly

@forteller tried evolution? Really nice piece of software. It is in flathub and also is in most repos.

It has email, calender, to-do list, memos and adressbook by default in a really neat set up.

Really nice functionality for backing things up too

@forteller yeah, tarballs are like a lottery. Sometimes there's a binary inside and you can just move it somewhere to call it. Other times, you open it up and there's a Makefile written in Klingon and it expects you to do some contorted dance under a blood moon just so it will build.

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