Hey, you know how has been promising for a long time to allow federation? Looks like they're working on it!

In the latest changelog you can read: "The Android Wire client can now be run against a private server."

Cool beans!

@strypey Wire client now supports running against a private server.

@forteller while that's great, it doesn't mean federation, does it? It just means that you will be locked into your server and not theirs?

@forteller (there's no link and no image description and I don't want to waste traffic on loading a picture, sorry)

@charlag Yeah. That's why I said it seems like they're working on it, not that it's actually here. The image is just a pic of the update in the app store, the relevant part is the one I quoted

@charlag @forteller at least that's what I'd presume given that it says "enterprise"

@a_breakin_glass @forteller well yeah, they gotta make money somehow I guess? Client is libre though and it's trivial to change.

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