So how exactly do I subscribe to a account with my Peertube account on another server?

Trying the only logical thing I could think find (which was not at all very easy) just gave me this error message

@forteller Remote follow works only with mastodon it seems.

If you are going to sub with a peertube they gotta be federated or you use the RSS sub I guess.

@ChrisTalleras @forteller remote subscription of PeerTube channels from other PeerTube instances totally works.

You'll want to copy your channel's URL (or a video URL) into your instance's search bar, which will pull the channel (or the video) in. From there, you can subscribe.
@ChrisTalleras @forteller sorry, by "your channel's URL", I meant the URL of the channel you're trying to follow 😅
@ChrisTalleras @forteller also, a common misconception is that you have to follow the entire instance via the admin system for federated subscriptions to work. This actually isn't true, you can skip that part and just follow some channels in the way I described.



@ChrisTalleras @forteller I mean, technically the whole mechanism IS federation, but no, no instance following is required. The search bar basically performs a webfinger lookup for Actors and the Video activity.

Within the #Peertube project, nothing seems to be planned to bring this functionality.
On the other hand, it does not seem to me impossible to create a redirection towards the profile by using the URL.
I'm watching this tomorrow 😉

@forteller Here is ! Making a subscription request from another #PeerTube instance with your account redirects you to the account to follow. 😃

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