Jesus H. Christ. Mozilla just made a stupid, little mistake, and now no extensions work in anymore!

Here's more info, and a very simple fix at the bottom:

Please boost so more people can get their adblocker and Privacy Badger back!

I see someone else says Mozilla has unfucked it, but that's not true for me. It might take some time for this fix to reach everyone.

@forteller if you set the normandy update time to a shorter Intervall in about:config, it will grab the unfuck. Worked for me

@forteller yeah I was suprised to see this this morning. Havent use the browser much yet but not having my tree style tabs and with the traditional tabbing off, is annoying :P Will check for the solution when back on my computer.

@forteller if you have opted out of studies and experiments in the past (e.g. after that mr robot promo thingy), the hotfix cannot be installed by mozilla.

@zalandocalrissian @forteller Ay, just got nailed with it. Bummer. I opted in, so let's hope they fix it soon. No privacy badger!

@zalandocalrissian @xmanmonk @forteller
I've also got another way to fix it without installing anything listed at the top of my website if you don't want to trust those methods

@forteller @amolith @zalandocalrissian Yes, the about:config thing worked for me, and I have a branded build. Had to restart the browser, but then suddenly, it was all back. And then it can be shut off again.

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