Yesterday (late night) I installed the plugin on my WordPress blog. But I still can't find it when searching for it here on Mastodon (Octodon). How long does it usually take before a new instance is discoverable? Is there any other way to subscribe than to find it trough search?

@forteller you probably gotta search with the full adress to find it the first tile

@ChrisTalleras The plugin said there's two options for things to search for. None of them work. But maybe I have to publish something new after installing the plugin before it becomes discoverable? @nolan? :)

@forteller @ChrisTalleras @nolan when i started an instance, it took about a day or two for it to fully federate. that was on a pi though

@Sviundt @ChrisTalleras @nolan Now it's been over a week, I've published a post, I've searched for both of the adresses the plugin says I can search for many times ( and and still nothing :/ I even get zero results when searching for the new post I've published, even though I have linked to it in a normal toot :/

@forteller @ChrisTalleras @nolan maybe file a bug report to the developer :3oko:?
that is about the only thing i can think of that makes sense

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