Did you know that you can watch all YouTube videos without YT?

Invidious lets you watch all the videos, with the same title, so they're easy to find

But it's easier to click a link someone shares, so what to do about that?

Well, I just found this Firefox extension that auto-redirects you from YT to Invidious!

There's even one that replaces all YT embeds!

Yeah! Added to my "must have" list

Want to watch videos from YouTube without using YouTube in an app on your phone/tablet? Try NewPipe. You can find it in F-droid.

@forteller Funny thing that NewPipe is 10x better l the YouTube app itself. The background play is amazing! Also ability to subscribe to channels and create lists without an account.

@forteller Why might we use invidious over YT?
I'm a bit leery of redirecting all of that traffic to a site I'm not familiar with.

@Tuxhedoh Because Google is gather too much info on too many people. It's dangerous. Invidious is FOSS, you can find the source here:

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