Latest news from the fairytale kingdom of :

The girlfriend of the minister of justice has been indicted for attacking their own home (spray painting very poorly written accusations of being racist) and setting fire to their own trash can and car(!).

This is the fifth minister of justice from the populist right wing Progress party in almost as many years. The rest where also outed by scandals, in case that wasn't obvious.


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To be fair, she's only indicted of setting fire to their own car (to make it seem like they are being attacked,) for now. My guess is that it will be expanded to the other counts too, but we don't know that yet.

What a time to be alive! :)


@jarlavgrenland @harald Persecution complexes seem to me to be more prevalent with populists than other political groupings.

Wara's wife is not the first - and probably not the last - to stage scenarios which makes them seem under attack.

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