Ive never retooted from birdsite before, but this is important for all the people on here to hear, goddamit!

RT @alicegoldfuss: The Open Source Initiative board is having elections and a number of women are running.

They are already getting targeted harassment.

It's not a pipeline problem.

Well it's great that community is still vigilant to keep SJWs away, however I agree that men candidates should also be in this rating. Otherwise, SJWs should be happy, as due to their great work women are now distrusted by default.

@AMDmi3 Singling out all the women to attack them personally is great because it's an attempt at keeping out people who want everyone to be included? Really? I want FOSS to enjoy the benefits of as many developers as possible, and the viewpoints of as many possible user groups as possible, so noone gets a worse experience because the devs didn't think of them.
You'd rather get worse products to keep women and/or minorities away? Really?

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