I want to install Ubuntu with the same changes to software, settings, etc on a few different machines. Can I make a USB with Ubuntu with my preferred changes on it that keeps the changes when I install it, or some other _simple_ way of doing this? Thanks!

@forteller I knew apt can do this, a quick search turned up this:

Somewhere in there you end up with a text file of packages that can be fed back in to install them.

Caveats: I've never done this, and as always anything with a sudo you should check the man page to be certain of what you're doing

The "usual" solution for a small number of machines is to use use CloneZilla Live (

Install Ubuntu on the first machine, configure everything as expected, then shut it down. Boot CloneZilla Live from an USB stick, clone first machine onto an external hard drive. Boot all other machines from the same USB stick and clone the external hard drive onto the internal hard drives.

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