Ok, so how do I follow someone on another instance?

@ChrisTalleras @Christalleras Ok, so I feel like I should've thought of that, but also that it's extremely far away from intuitive

@ChrisTalleras How can I check if a public PixelFed instance is federated?

@forteller I think you need to search for the URL, not the @-handle. I was successful finding them from my test Mastodon account with searching for the profile URL.

@tobias To be totally clear: Trying to sub from a pixelfed-account, not Mastodon

@forteller ah, ok. Then I got you wrong. Though your wanted to follow them from your Mastodon account ;-)

@forteller @Tobias I don't think that works yet, but I think I have seen @dansup toot about this feature coming soon.

Pixelfed to remote pixelfed-follows do not work with the software, yet

@tercean Really? I'll just have to wait before using Pixelfed, then. Too bad

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