Need some VPN advice. There's a million of them out there, and so many things to consider, things I don't know anything about.

Some years ago I got myself a lifetime account on Slick VPN, and I'm wondering if it's OK, or if I need to spend more money on some other VPN.

Any thoughts?

@forteller I've never used Slick but NordVPN is pretty solid for me. I've heard good things about PIA too

@czesiekhaker @forteller If you are on Linux and Android maybe you want to try Mullvad, its 5$ per month, and there is option to pay with cryptocurrencies. Mullvad on Linux because they offer Wireguard, next generation VPN service, its ultra fast.

@czesiekhaker @forteller PIA is the one I'd recommend. Great multiplatform support, quite cheap and many countries for endpoints to choose from.

@forteller I have been paying for @protonvpn and really like it. They have great apps and work really well on Linux without an app. Their whole business model is built around privacy, which is quite rare these days.

@rsolva @forteller Thank you for recommending us! You can check out our security features in the following link:

@rsolva @forteller @protonvpn I’d also recommend ProtonVPN. Been a visionary member for a few years now. Top notch!

@jplock @rsolva @forteller 👋 Thanks for recommending us! We are very grateful for your support!

@forteller I’ve really liked I’ve used it for two years already and I just renewed my subscription for another two; it comes out to about $30 a year

I was about to share this site as well. Great comparator for ultra paranoid guys or State enemies :)
@forteller @switchingsocial

@yohann Or just any other normal person who wants to get a good paid VPN provider.

@forteller @switchingsocial

@forteller +1 for Mullvad ! Tried them for work. Plenty of servers to choose from, fast and reliable. Many options for anonymous payment and solid privacy policy.

@forteller can also recommend Mullvad. They have a good privacy policy and I have been using them for over a year with no issues.

I'm personally using private internet access on linux and it runs perfect and probably the easiest install I've ever encountered:) Great price too!

I would recomend airvpn Thay allow advanced configuration and they dont store logs

@forteller I’ve used ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Both are great but I switched over to NordVPN because of a $99/3 year deal.

@forteller Highly recommend @protonvpn I’ve got a Plus plan (as well as ProtonMail) and they’ve both been brilliant for me so far. I believe they’re a company you can trust too, especially important when it comes to their no-logs policy.

@squire @forteller 👋 Thank you for supporting us with a paid account. It means a lot and it helps us grow and improve our services!

@forteller Mullvad is solid. They accept bitcoin and requires pretty much zero information when purchasing.

@forteller I like the service and guidance ipredator provides because it is not just important to have a good VPN provider but also to set it up properly
@forteller would check with thatprivacyguy or what the website is called. he has a lot of info on vpn providers, and as far as i know, he isnt sponsored by anyone.

@forteller I can also recommend Mullvad:

Used them a few times abroad, solid servers and simple payment plan.

Check out algo VPN. Though you need to familiar with command line. You deploy your own VPN to a data center. Default config deploys to Digital Ocean droplet. I took it on as a fun project. Learned a lot.

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