If I want to tell someone about an alternative to Google Maps *in a browser*, where should I send them? is extremely slow these days, and they display tons of notes by default. And I've recently learned that it is not supposed to be a front end for end users, just a repo for the data and a place to edit it.

So what's the real alternative for people just needing a map, travel reccommendations, etc?


@forteller I've been using for directions and such. No clue if they're really any better than Google, privacy-wise, tho.

@auntiekiki @forteller On the bright side, MapQuest's also (mostly) OSM-based. Though it's a Verizon company as it turns out so the level of privacy concerns are expected to be low.

I usually use duck duck go maps, select open street maps as the source instead of Bing.

@forteller @openstreetmap should not display notes by default (probably depends on the fact you have previously enabled notes; it saves that AFAIK) and is quite fast as usual…

Otherwise maybe: (may be visualy most similar to GMaps)

@rugk @forteller @openstreetmap mh yes. you can disable notes at the right in the "layers" dialog. No clue about the slowness however :-(


As already mentioned is a great resource. If looking for something #openstreetmap based, #Qwant maps is what you want, even though I'm not sure if it's been officially released yet.


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