Free and Open Source Software is not winning. That is terrible for all of humanity, as more and more of our freedom of thought, speech, movement, and our security is integrated with computers and the web.

Why are we losing? Because there is so much money on the other side and so little on our.

The sollution? We need to band togheter, in organizations fighting the cause. That means: We need to donate to @conservancy @fsfe, etc!

Please read and upvote:

@forteller @conservancy @fsfe

#OpenSource is winning hands down.
Just #FreeSoftware is loosing.

Because open source is strongly tied to the commercial interests of the corporations that fund it, like #Google, #Facebook, #Microsoft and so on.

If you want to support #freedom of thought, speech, movement and our #security, you should bet on Free Software #hackers.

We don't need #money but more hackers.

So study.
Learn (and teach) to be curious and to #hack.

@Shamar @fsfe @conservancy @forteller

It's difficult to say who is winning or losing. It depends what the success criteria is. There is more usable Free Software than ever. The majority of new web based systems are Free Software. I am writing this post on a desktop running Free Software via a server running Free Software. That's a success of sorts.

But there are also plenty of problems. Money is always one. Publicity is always another. There are lingering issues like software patents, lack of free wifi drivers, people using Slack or Telegram to run their projects, the increasingly clear need for free hardware designs, and many other things.

@bob @fsfe @conservancy @forteller

And none of these problems can be fixed by competing on resources with #Google #Facebook #Microsoft #Amazon and so on.

We can't compete for #money so we need to compete for #minds. We need more and more hackers. And if people have money to share and want to support #freedom, the best thing they can do is to invest them to become hackers, and help us with our works.

We need hackers, not money.

@bob @Shamar @conservancy @fsfe Hackers needs money to live. That is, they need customers. Organizations like this help create that. More in my reply at the original link.

@forteller @bob @conservancy @fsfe

#Hackers need money to live.

But I'm not sure organisations like these can fund #hacking.

Also relying on large organisations to support your #freedom is a quite risky approach.
They have plenty of discretionality into which projects they want to fund, and this is just another way to centralise power.

Funding organisations are fine if they are many, small and federated as peers.

@Shamar @bob @fsfe @conservancy @forteller We need not just hackers, but content writers, artists and designers, marketers and most importantly more users.

Users who are willing to put up with free software products and give them the space to grow to their full potential. Some of these users might even start filling the above roles. Having enough users might end up solving the funding problem too.

I strongly feel that #FOSS community made of technical, developers, programmers etc.

There seems large gap for designer and huge gap for marketers, promoters.

Here is simple work flow,

If we get

✅ designers
make UI looks attractive, simply

✅ content producer,
writing, video, image, to make usage understandable

✅ marketer/promoters
promote and disturb various channels

Userbase will flow automat

@njoseph @bob @conservancy

@njoseph @Shamar @bob @fsfe @conservancy @forteller

>we need users

Please don't fall into the trap of taking user count as a success metric. If you do that, your software will become as bad as proprietary software, modulo license.

@forteller @conservancy @fsfe Despite the money-imbalance we had some victories so it's not that simple. Buttom-up direct action is at least equally important.

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