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"When you believe that you must be perfect in order to be good, it makes you adverse to recognizing your own inevitable imperfections, and that lets them stagnate and grow."

Very good point: We have to stop thinking of beeing a good or bad person as something one _is_ and start thinking about it as a process, a thing one _does_.

Noone thinks that a clean person is clean, and therefor never have to brush their teeth. We are not either clean or unclean, good or bad. We do good or bad things, and we all need to check the mirror to see if we have something stuck in out teeth.

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"I hope that, bit by bit, we can shift away from taking it as an indictment of our goodness and move towards taking it as a gesture of respect and an act of kindness when someone tells us that we've got something racist stuck in our teeth."

Thanks to Jay Smooth for this great quote and talk on .

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