What's the best way to embed a with a route, or preferably several routs, in it on a WordPress page?

@forteller Not sure about routes, but I use the plugin 'Leaflet Map' with great success.

@forteller Seems like you can share a route directly from too, with an embeded code. Worth a shoot.

@rsolva Sounds like a good option I'll try out. Thanks!

@rsolva @forteller If you want to share more complicated routes or POIs you can also use uMap (, which lets you "draw" on the map and then embed it.

@forteller I assume you're looking for an #interactive #map where you can zoom, pan, etc.? If so you're looking for #Leaflet (

I know #sfa about #wordpress but pretty sure there will be a ready-made solution for it.

Hope this helps.

@61 Yes. Thank you very much! But you need to set this up on your own server and such, right? Not sure I'll be able to get that set up. But I might, so I'll look into it :)

Not sure what you mean.

You add some JavaScript code to your blog and that's it. I don't use/never used #wordpress so I've no idea about the particulars but it is the same principle as creating a custom page/style/widget.

Try googling "Leaflet WordPress". Good chance you'll come across a ready made solution or at least step by step instructions.

@forteller DId you checked out the WP plugins from the store?

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