@phantasmal_yearnest @witti Then don't follow them. Problem solved.

But you see, our friends want to do that. Or the friends of our friends. And we want to talk with our friends here.

And we want Twitter and Facebook to lose their dominance, because it's vital for freedom and democracy. But that won't happen unless most people leave them for the fediverse. And that won't happen if they don't get what they want here

@forteller I'm not entirely sure about the context of your post, but I just want to point out that what people think they want is not necessarily what they actually want/need. We don't have to be populistic if being so is counterproductive. More users is not an inherently good thing.
@mmn @forteller

Here in the UK for many decades the tabloid newspapers have claimed that they're "just giving the public what they want", but what they actually deliver is xenophobic right wing propaganda.

We should try to learn from the mistakes of past platforms, rather than merely repeat them in the hope that it brings popularity.
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