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Playing The Thalos Principle, and it's really, really hard. Must admit I've gotten some help from my nephew, and from the web. The latter especially for the stars. Yes I know, I should feel bad, and I do. But some of them where like impossible… :P

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About 1 day ago we learned that WPA2 has been compromised. Now the patches are out for Linux. Run your software updater now!

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GitLab raises $20M from Google (Ventures) – the key word here is “fork”

Today, on Venture Capital Ruins Everything, we have the lovely folks at GitLab (which we use and love at raising $20M from GV (née Google Ventures).

Investors invest in the exit so imagine what GitLab’s exit will look like after this. If any competent folks are thinking of a fork, now is a good time to start doing prep work. Think ownCloud/Nextcloud…

Anyone heard of Cloudfleet before? Found it because it's a sponsor of Mastodon.

Seems like an interesting alternative to Freedom Box (since that hasn't been updated since 2016, unfortunately). All software they make is AGPLv3, which is very good!

What do you guys think? Is this the personal cloud I've been waiting for all these years?

"The Internet Archive is now leveraging a little known, and perhaps never used, provision of US copyright law, Section 108h, which allows libraries to scan and make available materials published 1923 to 1941 if they are not being actively sold."

"If the Founding Fathers had their way, almost all works from the 20th century would be public domain by now (14-year copyright term, renewable once if you took extra actions)."

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Hey guess what, my work on #Mastodon is only possible thanks to crowdfunding through Patreon:

Here are the patrons:

Lawrence Lessig is working on a very interesting new project to change the Electoral College system in time for the 2020 electons. One person = one vote.

Check it out, and maybe contribute a bit toward a more real democracy in the US

The European Commission paid for a report that concluded piracy isn’t harmful — and tried to hide the findings

Now I've added this study to the ton of other studies already gatheres at the fantastic La Quadrature du Net wiki.

You should check it out:

DRM in the webbrowser is dangerous for the security and autonomy of everyone. But most people don't know that because it's too technical and boring a topic.

That's why I've started transcribing the talks and interviews of Cory Doctorow. Do you want to help me with his conversation with Edward Snowden?

After the W3C decision to cripple the web with DRM it is more important than ever to communicate clearly the dangers of this!

That's why I'm trying to launch my Cory Doctorow Wiki into the public mind. Please help me out by upvoting this:

Texas sees high rate of teen births _because of_ abstinence-only sex ed

There, fixed it for you

Fuckit. Just found out that there won't be a fifth season of Black Sails. :(

The introduction of DRM into the W3C standards is a disaster for the open web, and for all individuals and society:

So I updated Tim Berners-Lee's birdsite bio:

I must say 1.0 looks very interesting! I like the looks of the Medium-like Koening editor very much. Has anyone tried it yet?

My favorite desktop environment celebrates their 20th borthday today! Happy birthday, ! Keep up the awesome work!

I posted my Pepper & Carrot wallpapers to the Imgur community. If you want more people to see amazing CC licensed art, I need your upvote. Thanks!

All culture ever made will soon fit on your phone. Will it mean the renaissance of piracy? What will it mean for surveilance? Will there be eternal "time machines" of every communication/piece of information everyone has ever made?