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«In tweets in summer 2013, Trump repeatedly called Snowden a “traitor” who gave “serious information to China and Russia” and who “should be executed.”»

@thomascovenant Jeg er fryktelig redd jeg må skuffe deg, her. Jeg har faktisk ennå ikke lest dem :( (men har sett mye på serien, da)

Why would you use a closed source BitTorrent client? And why would you use software with ads when there's just as good software without?

This is a big deal for users of uTorrent:

Tell your friends about Deluge, qBittorrent, Transmission today.

@Maltimore @lattera @yellowfrog Yeah, there is a problem with not geting the full thread from other instances. That's a big issue that really needs to be fixed. I hope it's high on the dev's list

@Maltimore @lattera @yellowfrog You just litteraly said the same thing that I did, though ;) I never said there's no differences, or else I wouldn't have posted that original toot in the first place :)

@lattera @Maltimore @yellowfrog There's always voulnerabilities in all software would be my guess (I am not a coder)

"We don't have to compromise. We want a better world so we're going to build it."

– Snowden, on Free and open source software.

#FOSS #freesoftware #opensource #FLOSS #hacktheplanet

This is beautiful! Great visualization of important, public information. For once other countries should actually learn from the US

@liathit Where's that screenshot from?

@lilletale It's such a huuuuuge waste of time! I really wish I didn't ennjoy this stupid, little game

@rysiek I know, right!? And I didn't even try until I noticed the opportunity pretty close to when I took the screenshot.

And this was my first try without ever touching the undo button in the 2048 app from F-droid! :D

Didn't end as pretty, though. But quite a good score:

@lilletale Great. There's no lack of Doctorow talks to transcribe. No need to worry that you'll be too late ;)

@pzmyers Probably not your intention, but here it sounds like you think Sam Harris supports Trump, even though he uses every opportunity to say how horrible he thinks Trump is.