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On this World Humanist Day you should read the fantastic, short Nordic Humanist Manifesto:

@quinterbeck Thanks. That was a little bit better, but not much. This is the top post right now:

I actually get a little annoyed by the decline of r/me_irl.

It was such a nice sub with tons of fun selfdeprecating humor, and now it's just shit. Why did the mods allow this?

Is there a r/real_me_irl or something where I can get my dose of selfdeprecation nowadays, without going all r/2meirl4meirl?

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The #FreeSoftware movement needs more artists! It needs more graphic designers, UI/UX peeps, people who can draw, people who have a good eye for beauty and usability, people who can design logos, etc.

*ALL* the artistic people are important to the Free Software movement

As of right now most free software tends to be ugly and difficult for newcomers to use. It tends to have weird looking logos or hideous ancient looking color schemes. Artists are the solution. #FreeSW has the coding down, design is next.

New episode of my podcast Kurator is out. This time it's an Al Jazeera interview with Trevor Noah. Please have a listen:

Huh. Disney actually uses a Creative Commons license on their photos published on Flickr.

That's surprising, but also a testimony to how useful it is to allow sharing if you want more attention to your stuff.

Facebook asked me to fill out a survey about them. I said that I don't trust them, want them to care more about privacy and that they need to open up to communication across networks (federation) just like Mastodon.

So I'm thinking it'll be done by the end of the week.

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This is what we get when we let a monopolistic advertisement company take over the one tool everyone use to access the web:

"So this is a way for Google to crush its few remaining competitors by pre-installing an ad zapper that it controls to the most common web browser. That’s a great way for a monopoly to remain a monopoly."

And even more shit. Read this:

Awesome project for making classiical, public domain music available for everyone to read (even with brail), play, edit and share:

@notnavigium 'Program or be programed' and 'Code is law' are two book titles I think of when I read stuff like this.

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I would like to say something supportive and kind to you who cares about this issue. <3

It means a lot if you can make an impact even for one person.

Making someone feel welcome and included, mentoring, always speaking up and not remaining neutral in situations of injustice. These things matter.

Do not be discouraged based on reddit comments. They do not represent the community.

@thomascovenant Thank you very much! I relly appreciate that. I find the almost aggresive reaction to this quite sad and disouraging.

Someone once said that the comments bellow every article about feminism proves that feminism is needed. How they don't see that their own reaction to this proves that there's a problem is puzzeling and disheartening to me.

Five years ago I wrote about the problem that women are harassed and pushed out of the free/open source community:

Judging from this new article, and the reaction it gets on Reddit, we are no closer to a sollution today, we might even be going in the wrong direction

Few hours left on this very interesting environmental, reef-saving, underwater robot-kikstarter:

Logged in to Couchsurfing for the first time in a really long time, and everything is in german for some reason. Not sure where to change that…

I've finnished transcribing @doctorow's talk from 23, Fighting Back in the War on General Purpose Computers:

This is the fourth full talk I've transcribed. Which one should I do next, and do you want to help out? Let me know!

Or just join! I've created easy instructions here: