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@shel I want to start an organization (not political, but for a life stance (now sure how well known this phrase is, so here's the Wikipedia: )

I chose a light blue color, because blue is well liked by most people, and this particular shade is not so much used, and pretty IMHO :)

What do you think?

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I must say 1.0 looks very interesting! I like the looks of the Medium-like Koening editor very much. Has anyone tried it yet?

My favorite desktop environment celebrates their 20th borthday today! Happy birthday, ! Keep up the awesome work!

@22 But aren't there tons of great FOSS tools like this already? Is it neccessary for Mozilla to spend resources on this?

I posted my Pepper & Carrot wallpapers to the Imgur community. If you want more people to see amazing CC licensed art, I need your upvote. Thanks!

I made some wallpapers from the free webcomic Pepper & Carrot (CC BY 4.0).


Two examples:

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All culture ever made will soon fit on your phone. Will it mean the renaissance of piracy? What will it mean for surveilance? Will there be eternal "time machines" of every communication/piece of information everyone has ever made?

@soapdog Yes. It's FOSS, so you could fork it

DRM is a huge threat agains your security and freedom. Now it seems like it'll become a webstandard from W3C. Madness!

Want to know why it's terrible? Listen or read this:

Want to help me spread knowledge? Help me with the wiki:

On this World Humanist Day you should read the fantastic, short Nordic Humanist Manifesto:

@quinterbeck Thanks. That was a little bit better, but not much. This is the top post right now:

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I actually get a little annoyed by the decline of r/me_irl.

It was such a nice sub with tons of fun selfdeprecating humor, and now it's just shit. Why did the mods allow this?

Is there a r/real_me_irl or something where I can get my dose of selfdeprecation nowadays, without going all r/2meirl4meirl?

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The #FreeSoftware movement needs more artists! It needs more graphic designers, UI/UX peeps, people who can draw, people who have a good eye for beauty and usability, people who can design logos, etc.

*ALL* the artistic people are important to the Free Software movement

As of right now most free software tends to be ugly and difficult for newcomers to use. It tends to have weird looking logos or hideous ancient looking color schemes. Artists are the solution. #FreeSW has the coding down, design is next.

New episode of my podcast Kurator is out. This time it's an Al Jazeera interview with Trevor Noah. Please have a listen:

Huh. Disney actually uses a Creative Commons license on their photos published on Flickr.

That's surprising, but also a testimony to how useful it is to allow sharing if you want more attention to your stuff.