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Is it physically possible to make small drones (like quads) that don't sound like 10 million bees being tortured?

I just have to tell you how amazing is! If you ever need some public domain art to illustrate something, this is your go to place!

Needing a new laptop soon. Is it possible to get one without Meltdown/Heartbleed yet?

Jesus Christ! What the actual flying fuck! UK police infiltrated activist groups, living intimately with some for years, even having children with some! And monitored MPs. This is fucked up!

Holy fuckin fuck, GitHub!

You should switch to GitLab. It's FOSS! But wait a few days, it's getting hammered right now!

I've beeen waiting for a FOSS and federated Instagram alternative. @pixelfed looks like they might be the answer to my prayers :P So, how do I get an invite?

Best encrypted NextCloud hosting service in Europe?

There are so many to choose from. How do I know which ones does a good job with encryption and which doesn't?

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After a few hours with the Temporary Containers addon, I can reveal that this addon is *awesome*. It's just what the Containers system needed - I was already using an "Untrusted" container, but this is much better. Go use it!

#firefox #addons #perfect

Refugees has to carry everything they need. But why should they have to carry both a jacket and a tent, when the jacket could be a tent? Check out this crowdfunder:

I've got so many mixed feelings about this

Wow! Prey has a really great, and actually useful cookie notification! But holy crap, that's a lot of cookies!

Microsoft technical support scammer on my phone right now. I'm running Linux

The newest episode of the podcast Clear and present danger – A history of free speach is all about the catholic inquisition, and it's very good. Highly reccommended.

Beliving that you know The Truth and that anyone lead astray from that Truth will suffer for eternity, how could that, combined with human greed for money and power, _not_ lead to atrocities? Of course it would, and of course God would know that it would, if he exists.

Oh, wow, they even let you choose to buy a sligthly damaged book for a little less, instead of just throwing them away! I'm loving this so much!

OMG! Pay-what-you-want feminist bicycle centered sci-fi and apocolayptic stories from a tiny publisher! What's not to love? Only thing missing is a CC license

Ok, I have no idea why this toot suddenly blew up again. The opportunity was back then, and is now long gone, as far as I know.

But let me use this opportunity to mention my own Liberapay account. Any and all support is highly appreciated!

If you like puzzle games with some interesting philosophy behind it, you should check out Talos Principle! One of just two games I've played all the way trough in many years. And it's 80% off on Humble right now!