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In a world of servers the only Free software is AGPL software

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For ei stund sia omsette eg ein bunke strengar i Mastodon på pur trass. (7-9% elns.) Det er berre så dørgande keisamt, spes sia ein jamnleg må vri hovudet og gjette kontekst. Er det andre her som har tatt i lokaliseringa der?

Wow. This is huge news, and a milestone, for !

"Lenovo has announced that all of its ThinkStation desktop PCs and ThinkPad P series laptop will be available to buy with Ubuntu preloaded starting this summer."

It's not just the easier availability of hardware known to work "out of the box", it's also what this signifies. Lenovo would not do this if they did not see it as a good market opportunity.

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Drive is for everyone.

You can backup, organize and tag media without posting it.

Shipping Soon! #pixelfed

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The connection Ada made for me here was to the whole idea of Singularity and human improvement, many of whose top proponents are true believers in neoliberal capitalism who accept poverty as the cost of doing business, and acceptable given capitalism's project to uplift us.

But even the most rapid nootropic huxter or "brain training" aficionado couldn't, with a straight face, promise to make you 25% smarter.


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Last summer, I did an interview with the Singularity Blog podcast (my last interview was all the way back in 2012). As is my wont, I got to talking about Ada Palmer because she's just so durned brilliant.

This prompted host Nikola Danaylov to book in an interview with Ada, which has just gone live. It's 2.5h (!) and so worth every minute of it (!!).


Sandman is a classic long format graphical novel. What else is in that same "category", if you will? The walking dead is also quite famous, but not sure it has the same status as a classic? What else?

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Coooool: if your team/company/etc. runs a livechat, lets you create a public, searchable, browsable message archive and host it on the web.

The whole point of the Humble Indie Bundles was that all the games where DRM free and cross platform. No exception. Some devs actually released their games for Linux just to be included!

This was not the case for all Humble Bundles, but it was for all HIBs! It was their unique selling point.

Now Humble marks 10 yrs of HIBs by releasing one where 2/7 (29%) are only on Steam + 1 is not on Linux!

They're destroying the HIB brand, and I find it quite sad.

From time to time I think "man, I should really give a few bucks to @inkscape, as a thanks for all the work they've enabled me to do ethically and for free"

Then I go to their website, and I find that they only accept money through PayPal. So I end up not sending any money.

Then I forget and some time late I think "man, I should really give a few bucks to Inkscape, I never did that did I? Let's fix that"

Rinse, repeat.

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If you like this, you might also like yesterdays musings on static website generators:

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What the world really needs is a static website that lists all of the static website generators out there. But which static website generator should be used to make that static website generator static website?

Has anyone ever stopped to ask: How many static website generators does the world truly need?

And yes, I do mean your actual phonebook on your actual phone, and good, old-timey calling/smsing. It's been a long time, you don't know if the person you want to reach still uses the chat service you used last time, and if they don't you won't be notified.

I would love it if you would boost the toot above and spread the word about the challenge. We all need a little bit more social closeness these days. :)

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Welcome to my :

Everyone's talking about "social distancing", but that is all wrong! All we need is physical distance.

Unfortunately that also means social distance for many, and some find that harder than others.

Now we need to take care of each other, so the deadly pandemic of loneliness won't win ground!

My challenge: Look through your phonebook and contact someone you haven't talked with in a while!

Just call/sms and say you just wanted to talk. :)

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Starting now: A virtual conversation about U.S. election vulnerabilities, with @eff's Cindy Cohn, including Introductions by @AlyssaMilano and @USSenatorRonWyden. Watch:

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We've said before that content moderation is broken. Here are 6 stories from our friends at Mozilla that look at the ways content moderation can hurt innocent people

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Thank you to the folks who have created a platform for people to connect, and a strong alternative to proprietary platforms. You all rock.

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