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:mastodon: My favorite highlights of #Mastodon 2.7.0 :
- Multiple hashtags in a single column (I literally asked for that:
- The new Profile directory:
- The new public tags page layout (do you know what's missing from that? That's right, multiple hashtags in a single page)
- The new notification filters

Check the Release notes, this release is bonkers
Thanks @Curator for the upgrade!

New version of Mastodon lets you add yourself, with the hashtags in your bio, to a directory of users. Nice to for example find other users in your country. But you have to go to your settings and opt in.

I wold not be surprised at all if the "give me six lines" quote attributed to Cardinal Richelieu was not actually said by him. But isnt it strange that this, one of the things he's most famous for, isn't even mentioned on his Wikipedia article?

Still, DuckDuckGo gave me his Wikipedia on the first page of results when searching for 'six lines hang him'. Quite interesting, me thinks

OMG! How have I not seen the Align baselines of text function before!? I've been removing g's and Å's before aligning and then adding them back in. Jesus, I thought I knew how to use my eyes. This will save me quite some time!

Do you know of any other amazing functions I might have missed? Let me know!

But I can't believe you still can't click on "Treat selection as group", but have to hit the tiny, little checkbox next to the words, though. Even in 1.0 alpha. If anyone know if this has been reported, please let me know! :)

Yay! version 0.92.4 and 1.0 alpha is out!

"Align multiple objects as a group relative to a single object" is exactly what I've been wanting for a long time! Thanks all devs!

I don't understand how people can live without CopyQ

Does anyone know of a OpenStreetMap based map system where anyone can click on any place to add a comment? I need to be able to add a route first, and people should then add their feedback to that route. Thanks! @openstreetmap

If you haven't moved away from uTorrent yet, this is the time, I think.

qTorrent and Deluge are good free and open source alternatives. If you don't need that many functions, Transmission is totally fine.

Shouldn't I be able to mount exFAT drives out of the box? I hope you can on Ubuntu, but I couldn't on pop!_OS, based on Ubuntu.

I had too look it up and then install exfat-fuse and exfat-utils. These should come preinstalled, or at least the error message saying it couldn't be mounted should have a one click button to install this for me.

Free and Open Source Software is not winning. That is terrible for all of humanity, as more and more of our freedom of thought, speech, movement, and our security is integrated with computers and the web.

Why are we losing? Because there is so much money on the other side and so little on our.

The sollution? We need to band togheter, in organizations fighting the cause. That means: We need to donate to @conservancy @fsfe, etc!

Please read and upvote:

Anyone using Ubuntu 19.04 daily right now? Is it stable enough to use on my work laptop?

Wow. Raw image editor has gotten a new release with 250 bug fixes and a metric shitton of new features! You gotta check it out:

Loving this new heal feature

Playing Stealth Bastard Deluxe. Starting chamber 3-6 now

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