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Hey, I got to contribute to a killer little alt-country/folk EP that dropped today, check it out if you want to hear a countrified version of a Robyn banger


Alt country song about bashful bladder called Don't Listen (When I'm Pissin')

Promo photos secured, album art coming, tracking 96% complete, mixing 75% complete, label agreement in principle

Everything's coming up milhouse

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I should be listening to the new Blood Incantation but instead I'm listening to Gillian Welch

Ah commuting: where I get to enjoy the company of a million aggressively distracted assholes piloting 4 tons of steel

Listening to A Means To An End and doing an exaggerated Ian Curtis impression for the kidddddds

Holy shit, this new Cloud Rat is super nasty and has some incredible tones

I want to marry that snare

Got a sludge tune that I've slapped Rush synthesizer leads all over and it fuckin ruuuuuuuuuules

Exposure to tankies and MLMs on twitter have solidified my preference for anarchism, methinks

Oh hell yeah, new Drugs of Faith 7"

Furious grindy hardcore with Voivod bass and weirdo riffs

Tbh I miss the boreal forest rn it's lovely and quiet

More tundraposting: all these tiny little ecosystems of lichen, mushrooms, mosses, and berry bushes

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