Hey friends, I launched a couple of covers today with some friend. You can stream them here: toiletovhell.com/adzes-reimagi

We're going to be donating all proceeds to a couple of Seattle area food banks. Hope you dig them.

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It's , and I just released an album (technically an EP? It's 13 tracks but they're short so you decide.)

It's *Probably* the only 19th century banjo album released on the fediverse today, but I'd love to be proven wrong.

Anyway, please have a free listen and follow me on bandcamp, and/or follow my "official" @magicians music alt

(boosts+++! 🪕) magicians.bandcamp.com/album/k

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support for octodon 

Hi folks,

Our super admin alice has been doing a wonderful job in keeping our beloved octodon running without a hitch for many years, and she could do with some financial support:

octodon.social/@CobaltVelvet/1 (btc/monero)

boost pls!

Mildly obsessed with Backxwash these days, check it if you like metal-influenced horrorcore


Well since I've been away I uh dropped a record at adzes.bandcamp.com, and on tape at tridroid.bandcamp.com

Holy shit I haven't been on here in a long ass


What's new folks

Well, when Bandcamp is back up, new single Loss is up at adzes.bandcamp.com! The track will be featured on the upcoming full-length No One Wants To Speak About It, to be released on Tridroid Records, late spring 2020. Priced pwyw, and any proceeds to Rainier Valley Food Bank.

Hey friends! Announcement time: this Friday I'll be sharing a Bandcamp-only benefit single for new track Loss. This track will be part of the Adzes full-length No One Wants To Speak About It, which I'm stoked to announce will be coming out on tridroidrecords! Date tba, late spring.

Proceeds will be donated to the Rainier Valley Food Bank.

I had the good fortune to have a conversation with Breno for his new about underground and bedroom musicians, and I think it came out pretty good! Listen if you want to hear about recording anticapitalist sludge metal in your basement.


Voted for Bernie a week or two ago by mail, let's goooooooooo

Bummed out, had to cancel a trip to San Diego with the girls. We've got a bumper crop of coronavirus up here in WA so flying is not the greatest idea atm

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Don't Touch That, It's Dirty: A Treasure Table You Shouldn't Touch (1d6): 

1) A golden goopbird's pin feather
2) Intracranial coin purse
3) The Tongue Key
4) Bottle of elk bile labeled "98% pure"
5) Enok's Skin Book of Skin Samples (unexpurgated)
6) Gem-eater's bezoar (unripe)

Hey and folks: anyone have a screen printer for shirts that you like? Preferably union, looking for options beyond Gildan Heavy. Thanks!

Crossposting from Twitter:


$5 gets you:
33 LGBTQAI+ artists
3+ hours of music

All proceeds will be donated to @TrevorProject
, so that $5 will also help save LGBTQAI+ kids' lives.


Incredible death metal, dungeon synth, harsh noise, black metal, dark ambient, and neofolk. Check it out!

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