Listening to A Means To An End and doing an exaggerated Ian Curtis impression for the kidddddds

Holy shit, this new Cloud Rat is super nasty and has some incredible tones

I want to marry that snare

@bamfic Oh, you will. :doge: I got big plans for this release.

Got a sludge tune that I've slapped Rush synthesizer leads all over and it fuckin ruuuuuuuuuules

Exposure to tankies and MLMs on twitter have solidified my preference for anarchism, methinks

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Oh hell yeah, new Drugs of Faith 7"

Furious grindy hardcore with Voivod bass and weirdo riffs

@chmod777 I did! I think it was Saturday night, they were all across the sky.

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Tbh I miss the boreal forest rn it's lovely and quiet

More tundraposting: all these tiny little ecosystems of lichen, mushrooms, mosses, and berry bushes

I had the pleasure of hanging out in Fairbanks for a few days. It was a delightful fall weekend and I spent most of it out exploring the permafrost. Incredible ecosystem.

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@priryo hey, hope you dig it! I've got a full length in the works that I'm super stoked about

Damn, I never knew this song existed until a couple days ago, and it might be heavier and more essential than the rest of Monotheist

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tfw you see a picture of a band with seven dudes and no women and it's just like, that is not a coincidence, how do you not know ANY women. i know SO MANY women who are great musicians. i know we all know about patriarchy it's just funny how sometimes it comes at you sideways early in the morning

The world is dark but here are two dahlias from the yard for a moment's peace

Aaand we are live with the EP! If you haven't checked it out, please give a listen. All bandcamp proceeds to RAICES Texas; we've already raised $120 for fighting detention of asylum seekers! Features sludgy, doomed out covers of The Cure and Peter Gabriel.

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