I'm extremely stoked to confirm that as Adzes I'm going to be contributing a track to the compilation Worldwide Organization of Metalheads Against Nazis III (WOMAN III) on Blackened Death Records (blackeneddeath.bandcamp.com), alongside such badass luminaries as Redbait, Svalbard, Racetraitor, and Terminal Nation! Release date to be confirmed, sometime in April! Check it out and punch a damn Nazi

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These masters are sounding killer aaaaaaaaagh

I'll be posting the first preview track for Climate // Capital on Friday! Full EP release on March 1st! It's gonna be h̜̬̙̖̼̞͚̬̺͍̜̪͚̫̭̪̭̗͟͞è̵͚̭̲̪̯̻͚͍̻͕̜͇͝͠a̸̝̦͕̙̻͟v̤̩̮̮̰̻͜͝ͅy̢̛̝̲͍͙̹͖̫͔̥͢͞

Album art! for the first Adzes EP: Climate // Capital

Four tracks of doom, noise rock, and post-metal, addressing the role of global capital in pushing vulnerable people and ecosystems to the brink of collapse. First track coming Friday!

This might be the coolest kickstarter I've seen: death metal pronoun patches for your leather vest or battle jacket.


I am getting a little tired of dealing with all this snow, but its hard to deny the beauty of it

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