More tundraposting: all these tiny little ecosystems of lichen, mushrooms, mosses, and berry bushes

I had the pleasure of hanging out in Fairbanks for a few days. It was a delightful fall weekend and I spent most of it out exploring the permafrost. Incredible ecosystem.

The world is dark but here are two dahlias from the yard for a moment's peace

Stoked to announce this digital 7", dropping on August 9th! Features a collab with Will from Redbait. All bandcamp proceeds will go to RAICES for family reunification efforts. Preorders live next Friday, stream to follow!

I built a fuzz pedal from a kit and the blue LED I picked is seriously brain-searingly bright

A little teaser art for something that's going to be announced next Friday from Adzes (

Whomst want to see some hydrangeas blooming around town

Despite my crappy phone hardware, I managed to take a rad picture of a little jumping spider

Finally, me doing a Fenriz impression in the woods since it rained all day Saturday

Went to Guemes Island in the San Juans over the weekend, and it was lovely. A few photos to follow. First up:a western tiger swallowtail butterfly, of which there were quite a few.

I'm extremely stoked to confirm that as Adzes I'm going to be contributing a track to the compilation Worldwide Organization of Metalheads Against Nazis III (WOMAN III) on Blackened Death Records (, alongside such badass luminaries as Redbait, Svalbard, Racetraitor, and Terminal Nation! Release date to be confirmed, sometime in April! Check it out and punch a damn Nazi

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