Enjoying Redbait more than the "crustpunk" would usually allow.
Will have to get to the rest of these later. ("shoe-gazy black metal"...?!)


:blobcheerbounce: awesome, the Redbait crew are super nice supportive folks too!

As weird as it sounds, shoegaze and black metal have a lot of overlap in terms of reverby, washed-out distortion and melody. Violet Cold is rad b/c it's a guy in Azerbaijan that includes some of that country's musical traditions too. Reeeeal good stuff.

@fobo Kind of makes sense if you put it like that. I'm still distracted by the idea of raggy jumpers and corpsepaint combined.

@fobo ahhhhh thank you, i'd seen redbait on a music blog a few months back, forgotten their name, and have not had strong enough duckduckgo-fu to find them

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