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Hot damn!

Realizing that I need a first/second wave ska channel on Pandora

Pelican just came on Pandora, and I was convinced it was a new Mastodon instrumental I hadn't yet heard

This is actually surprisingly challenging.

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Moving slooowwwwwww today

Next up: Dirt. Hell yeah

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Preschool applications, kill me now

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Just discovered on netflix: a 7 hour film of trainmounted cameras recording a slow trip between Bergen and Oslo.

It's kind of hypnotic

why do attorneys use "revert" when they mean to say "respond"

Hey ! Come see my band Northern Nomads on February 15th at Barboza! Lots of danceable and so on

Well I managed to get it together enough to come up with with a Big Data-esque bassline with a weird microsynth filter for a new Northern Nomads tune.

Wanna do music tonight but I'm damn tired. Boo.

Moving on to some bass-heavy illbient in Techno Animal (Justin K Broadrick/Kevin Martin). Apparently they played a long live set in March of 2017....sadly no El P cameo for We Can Build You.