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Ħöţ đæɱn! @fobo@octodon.social

Reading about completely screen-printed flexible batteries currently. Pretty rad stuff.

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Extremely awesome news if you like music and independent radio:

"KEXP has received its largest-ever philanthropic gift, in the form of a bequest from a generous donor. The gift, totaling just under $10 million, is among the largest bequests to a single public radio station in history."


hey there, this is Patrick. Postdoc in Katie Pollard's group at UCSF/Gladstone, studying the human microbiome, @BradleyPH on that other microblog site. This account is mostly to post about science stuff.

Offline for five days, all right! I don't know what's happened and I don't care

I got like 9 hours of sleep last night and I'm off for the next five days and I feel like an animaaaalll

Listening to the latest Paradise Lost this morning, classic melodic doom-death.


trying to decide if I'm sick or not