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Throw back to that time I found my dog snuggled under a blanket and she was all charged up with static electricity

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Dang, I'm pretty proud of this one. It's got a slightly-warped, sepia toned Polaroid quality to it.

Basically, this tune is gonna be an anticapitalist rant from the perspective of someone struggling to survive. I'm using spoken word in the verses, and I'm a little worried that it might come off as too 90s, or not serious enough.


Precariat lyrics, feedback welcome Show more

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Reboot this toot: I'm working on an anticapitalist doom track, and I'm looking for some opinions on lyrical content and approach from the rad folks on here! Reply to this if you'd like to give a listen and give me some feedback (cruel, unvarnished honesty welcome)

Hey who wants to give me some unvarnished and cruelly honest feedback?

Looking for musical opinions (heavy doom) and anticapitalist opinions

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Mood: that bright ascending synth line in Oingo Boingo's "Not My Slave"

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I love that Gmail's new rollout managed to break basically every useful function in their webclient, including the delete function

Nothing I like better than deleting a bunch of spam and having it come back unread 5 minutes later

tfw when your buddy texts you in the middle of the night telling you he's laying down some drum tracks on the tunes you sent him

Oof, the last third of The Fellowship of the Ring manages to be uncomfortably racist in its imagery

hoo boy y'all I sure hate dealing with attorneys when they're suing me

Rip G+, my office marketing team just pulled your icon off our signature block

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