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Throw back to that time I found my dog snuggled under a blanket and she was all charged up with static electricity

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Dang, I'm pretty proud of this one. It's got a slightly-warped, sepia toned Polaroid quality to it.

Oof, I wanted to get outside in the sun today. Why do we have to work

It's a delight to know that there is a venture capital fund dedicated to life/health extension not because it will benefit humanity, but rather because Peter Thiel wants to live forever on the blood of the young

Where did my life go so wrong that now I have to work with attorneys on the regular

Oh hey, I like the idea of

Here's Brown Sabbath with a damn groovy Latin funk cover of "The Wizard"

One of my girls just tried to roll her eyes but got confused and wound up just looking from me to my spouse with a blank expression

All the attorneys are having their docket meetings and are emailing me their questions in real time so I'm just getting bombarded with action items every 5-7 minutes and AAARRRGH

There are times I wish my job allowed me to apply my full attention to one thing at a time

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Many of my colleagues don't maximize their windows to fit the screen and I have to ask:


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