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Throw back to that time I found my dog snuggled under a blanket and she was all charged up with static electricity

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Dang, I'm pretty proud of this one. It's got a slightly-warped, sepia toned Polaroid quality to it.

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Everything Everywhere All At Once but it's me trying to cram a weekend's worth of chores into Friday afternoon

[Seal on a hot summer day]

Well I think I'd like to take a drink from the hose on this day

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Just found this picture I made for some unknown reason

Just found this picture I made for some unknown reason

NIN has a ton of great albums but tbh the one I return to the most is Pretty Hate Machine

Idly looking up the tuition for my alma mater and it's jumped like 4x from what it was 20 years ago


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Struggling a little bit with the fact that after a year plus my mom is still not happy with our move. There's not a solution I can offer to her that will make the distance shorter

Took a long looping drove home on pitch black country roads after tane ora tonight and it's a sort of a wistful experience

I suppose a reintroduction might be in order: I've been on here for a few years now, but dropped off for a bit as I made a big move from the states over to Aotearoa/New Zealand, where I live in a smaller rural city.

Under Adzes I make music that's at the intersection of sludge and post-hardcore. Most recently I had the privilege to contributing to this great comp:


Extremely cool atlas of Maori names and histories of various locations across Te Waipounamu assembled by Ngai Tahu

Interesting local weather post: Kā Tiritiri o te Moana (the Southern Alps) cause such striking differences in air pressure when storm systems approach from the west that the south island routinely gets monster gales blowing from the northwest, often approaching 100 kph

I think it's probably because most electro/synthpop bands don't have rhythm sections as tight and locked in as this one

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Damn, everything about this record slaps so hard

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