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Throw back to that time I found my dog snuggled under a blanket and she was all charged up with static electricity

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Dang, I'm pretty proud of this one. It's got a slightly-warped, sepia toned Polaroid quality to it.

South Bound: Quality of the vignettes varies a bit, but the gore is gooood and the middle three are pretty ace. Feeling a bit creeped out tonight.

It's hot af in this office, it's like 80 degrees in here

Extremely grumpy and I don't feel like focusing today

So the news we've been waiting to hear for over a week finally came: our colleague and friend tragically died by suicide. He was a good one. A hard loss.

Dammit, now we're getting condolences packages in the office without any actual recognition or announcement of what the condolences are for. 🙃

Pro tip: never have your digestive tract surgically reconstructed

even if it works fine, the knock-on effects can be unpleasant

Hey, Climate // Capital is now up on YouTube, as well as Spotify/ITunes/AppleMusic if such things are your jam.

Of course, I would much appreciate folks use Bandcamp rather than the streaming services, if you're so inclined. However you do it, thanks for listening!

I'm basically awaiting responses for every single one of my projects, so I'm kinda sitting here twiddling my thumbs on company time. Is this....praxis?

Hey, who wants to hear some urgent, noisy post rock with a real 90s AmRep kinda feel

Garden of the Ark - Undone/First Accident

Got my first rejection from a blog for "not being up to their recording standards," which, I guess if they're reviewing Ariana Grande then that's a fair point

We can learn from this

I went way too hard yesterday and now I'm achy and want to sleep

Next record thus far:
(1) Godfleshy droning stomp
(2) sad bastard noise rock dirge
(3) crusty d-beat that devolves into black metal

Why can't I just quit work and make music full-time

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