for 4 robot-themed comm slots! If you like any of the nonsense I've been drawing or whatnot, now is the chance to call in and get a spot in line. Limited to one person for a slot, and each slot is going for $240. Examples of a piece given below.

More details here ->

Huge mecha lady comes in fast and hot to punch a new beach into existence 

Mecha Dragon Priest Warrior descends from the sky to save the day 

I drew Marla from memory which consisted of remembering to draw her tail curly but then forgetting what kind of feet she has so I gave her cool robot legs to skateboard with 

I drew Jaycie from partially remembering one character design and being told about other descriptors and then guessed the rest. Now she's a sleepy witch! 

robot dragon stepping out of a space station with glowy butterfly wings 

Cam D'Arcy as drawn from my highly fallible memory 

quick small loccubus doodle 

Taurus as drawn from memory, tiny adorable magical woman 

A Balina as drawn from memory, of which mine is highly fallible and I quickly took to making stuff up to fill the lengthy gaps. Also nipples are visible 

Queer villainy on a date vacation while looking for a place to build an evil mountain lair 

Cute dog girl in an elaborate exercise outfit, also the pic may be a lil dronekink related 

Cool orca lady doing some repairs on her rad robot leg 

Robot furry, laser beams, jet engine calves, and moving FAST!!!! 

A quick study of some ikeuchi hardware for some work I gotta do tomorrowww

Maid vs Moth comic, tf kink, cherubees, super saiyan effects and some magical girl stuff 

Bug Report doing some sweet skate tricks 

Mecha lady blocking some space lasers and lookin' great while she does it 

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